What is Ginseng?

In ancient times the Chinese were under the impression that the root of the ginseng plant was the embodiment of the spirit of the earth in the form of a man and that ginseng possessed invigorating, restorative, stimulating, and healing benefits. Early Chinese manuscripts mentions various health benefits of ginseng. Its ability to induce calming effects and enhance attentiveness, intelligence, and focus. It is also mentioned in early Chinese writings as capable of boosting memory; and that its protracted use increased longevity.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Listed below are some health benefits of ginseng:

  • The benefits of ginseng are varied. Ginseng is extremely effective in boosting physical energy and is also known to enhance sexual ability in both men and women.
  • Ginseng herb is also known to provide valuable support to our circulatory system and helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • It is also beneficial in providing support to the immune system of our body.

There are two major species of Ginseng namely Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) The term panax, taken from Greek, stands for ‘all cure’ (pan signifies ‘all’, ax suggests ‘cure’).

Uses of Ginseng

Listed below are some uses of ginseng:

  • Ginseng herb which literally means marvel of the world has been greatly admired and revered by the Chinese for ages.
  • It is useful in the sense that it furnishes the human health with genuine benefits.
  • Contemporary scientific studies have reported several approved uses of ginseng for instance its use as a tonic and is presently refered to as the “tonic of the cerebral cortex”.
  • Ginseng herb is effective in alleviating stress related problems which is also described as an “adaptogen” activity.
  • Ginseng does not contain any toxic element and is devoid of any side effects. It does not trigger any distress or sickness in the physiological performance of the body.

    The action of ginseng is neither limited nor precise and is deemed to enhance the body’s resistance to unfavorable stress in the guise of chemical, physical or biological agents.

    Ginseng acts as a regulator, revealing stabilizing impacts on the body including its capability to control high and low blood pressure.

    Ginseng has been employed in conventional Asian medicine for ages as an all-purpose tonic and cardiotonic agent. Scientific tests make available proof of these biological benefits of ginseng and also encourage the uses of ginseng for other health benefits.

    The application of Asian and American ginseng is quite dissimilar. While American Ginseng is known for its cooling effect on to the body, its Asian counterpart is characterized by its warming property. Hence people in possession of the “warming” body should adhere to American ginseng which is “cooling” while people having “cooling” body should favor the use of Asian ginseng.