Health Benefits of Spearmint

Spearmint is a very common herb and used in various thins. It has several health benefits and many other uses. To know more about spearmint, find below.

Spearmint is the best known variety of mints that actually has plenty of varieties. Spearmint is known to be the most effective herb among the mint group. Most of the mints possess the identical qualities, so the health benefits that are mentioned below, are also applicable for other mint varieties.

Health Benefits of Spearmint

Below we have discussed some of the health benefits of spearmints.

  • Spearmint is commonly used as an effective domestic herbal remedy. The tea that is made with spearmint leaves has traditionally been used to cure headaches, fevers, digestive disorders and several minor ailments.
  • Spearmint is often used as an antispasmodic, restorative, urine-inducing and vomit preventing remedy.
  • Spearmint also gives relief to your digestive system and eliminates gas from the system. It also strengthens our stomach.
  • The essential oil coming from the spearmint leaves work as an anti-infective and antiseptic. However, it can be toxic if the dose becomes excess.
  • The stem and the essential oil, extracted from the spearmint tree are used to prepare remedies for cancer.
  • Spearmint oil can help in the problems of the respiratory, glandular and nervous systems.
  • It also acts as carminative (substance that removes gas and aids the digestive system) , anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic.
  • Spearmint is found to work as a hormone and this activity often releases the emotional blocks.
  • It increases your metabolism and helps you in burning the extra fat. s

Uses of Spearmint

Medicinal uses apart, spear mint has several uses. Here, some of uses of spearmint have been mentioned below.

  • The spearmint leaves are edible in any of its form, uncooked or cooked.
  • Since these spearmint leaves have a strong flavour, so they are traditionally used in salads and cooked foods.
  • Spearmint leaves are used to prepare sauce that is also used to add flavour to different foods.