Preparation of Herbal Medicines

Herbals medicines are sometimes proved to more effective than other treatments. You can prepare herbal medicines at your home also. Here are few tips for you.

In the conventional system of herbal medicine, the medicines are prepared in numerous ways. The methods keep on varying depending on the nature of the herbs those are being used.

Most of these methods comprise of decoctions (boiled teas), infusions (hot teas), and tinctures (alcohol and water extracts).There are other methods also which include making hot baths taken by the patients, steam inhalation of several herbal plants and finally aromatherapy.

Below some of the methods of preparing herbal medicines are described.

Aloe vera
  • Medicinal Parts: The yellow juice taken out from the inner skin of leaves and the gel from the leaves.
  • Method of Preparation: This is very simple you need to tear a lower leaf and apply to the wound directly. Aloe gel is available in bottles at most of the drug stores.

Lemon balm
  • Medicinal Parts: Leaves
  • Method of Preparation: It is used as a tranquilizer. To treat injuries, make a hot squash using 2 teaspoons of these leaves in one cup of hot water. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes. Then apply it with a clean cloth.

  • Medicinal Parts : Bark of the root
  • Method of Preparation: You need to boil the bark in water and then squeeze the pulp. Administer the pulp on the affected area.

  • Medicinal Parts: Leaves
  • Method of Preparation: You need to add those leaves into hot teas that is called as infusion.

  • Medicinal Parts: Seeds
  • Method of Preparation:  Mix fresh seeds into food or chew it a teaspoonful at a time. After crushing the seeds you can prepare an infusion of it.

  • Medicinal Parts: Dried and aged bark
  • Method of Preparation: For preparing the medicine you need to store the bark for a year because the fresh bark holds chemicals which can cause serious intestinal cramps.

Guidelines for Preparation of Herbal Medicines

  • Lack of standardization can cause differences among certain products. So the raw material you are using must be standardized.
  • Make it sure that you are not using larger than the recommended dose.