Pests, Diseases And Disorders for Herbs

We are well aware of the beneficial qualities of herbs. But, very few of us actually know about the threats to the herbs. There are some pests, diseases and disorders that affect the herbs very badly.

Here is some information by which we can save our valuable herbs. In fact, a little care can be fruitful to save the herbs. You are going for pesticides or any other chemical to control the attacks of pests and diseases then you need to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.

What Are The Pests?

Here is a list of the pests that are believed to be harmful to the herbs.

  • Vine Weevil

The black pest called vine weevil is generally found throughout the world. It causes severe damage in some areas especially to most of the commercial crops.

  • Mites

One can see some of the mites like European red mite clearly with the naked eye. The other mites can be visible only under a microscopic glass. As a consequence one cannot note their presence until the damages are seen.

  • Minor Pests

There are so me other minor pests also that can harm your herbs too. The minor pests are mainly- root mealy bugs, the green looper caterpillar, sciarid flies and thrips.

What are the Solutions?

There is only one solution of this problem. You need to be very careful about your herbs and to save them from pest you can use several pesticides but that must be in proper proportion.

What are the Diseases?

There are some diseases also by which your herbs can be attacked. Here are the two major diseases of herbs.

  • Mildew

Mildew is basically a fungal disease which attacks several ornamental plants. The damage caused by this fungal infection can be mild to major. According to research studies, it is seen that if milk mixed with ten parts of fresh water is sprayed at least once a week then the disease is controlled.

  • Botrytis

This disease causes the stem and root to be rotten. It is also a fungal disease. So, if rot is seen at any part of the plant then prompt action should be taken. You need to cut the rotten area with a knife that has been dipped in methylated spirits. After removing all rots you need to wash wound with methylated spirits and sprinkle some anti fungal powder there

What are the Disorders?

The commonest disorders are mentioned below.

  • Foliar petal

In this case the floral petal looks like leaves rather than the normal floral petal. Here you just need to remove the affected buds.

  • Corky scab (edema)

In this case the stem and the underside of the leaves look pale brown. This disorder is mainly caused by over potting so you need to control that.