Oils in Seeds

There are different types of seeds from which several types of oils are extracted. These oils are called essential oils because there are very vital for us. To know more about the oils in seeds, read on.

Frequently we hear doctors suggesting to take some of the essential oils those our bodies really need to have nutrition. So it’s really important for us to take that kind of food which contains some essential oils.

In fact we should go for a balanced diet that contains all kinds of essential oils. Basically, we need some factors like vitamins and minerals which help in digesting and using the oils efficiently.

What are the seeds those contain oils?

There are many seeds which contain essential oil within them. Here are some of those seeds that contain oil.

  • Sun Flower Seeds

The oil that comes from sun flower seeds can be used for preparing snacks and confectionery items. Since it is edible oil it has some food value. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid.

  • Sesame Seeds

High quality oil is extracted from sesame seeds. This oil is rich in protein and it is used in multiple purposes and in different kind of food preparation.

  • Mustard Seeds

The oil we get from mustard seeds is very popular for cooking purpose. Mustard oil has a hot nutty taste along with a strong smell. This oil is also rich in fatty acids. It has the least quantity of saturated fat among the other edible oils.

Mustard Oil is used for massaging to reduce the muscular and joint pains. It is mixed with garlic and turmeric; and it is also used to reduce body pain. This oil is also beneficial for bronchial problems and lung congestion.

  • Soyabean Seeds

Soyabean oil is also a very important essential oil. It also contains some of the significant fatty acids, those are vital for human health.

Benefits of Oils in Seeds

Seed oils have many medicinal values and these oils are also capable of improving your health. But apart from that it also has some other usages.

  • Some of the seed oil is used as air freshener because it has aromatic fragrance.
  • These seed oils are considered as one of the major elements of cosmetic industry. Since these oils are natural elements so it can enhance your beauty.
  • Sees oil also increases the beauty of your hairs by recovering the texture and strengthening the roots.

Storage of Oils in Seeds

There are some oils which are considered to be very essential for our body. But when you go to buy these oils instead of seeds, never forget to check whether the oil is stored properly. In case the oil is not stored properly, the quality of the oil can deteriorate rapidly.

To preserve the oil properly, it must be well processed and stored away from light, air and heat. If you opt for buying toasted seed instead of oil, then consider only one tenth of their raw content for your diet.