How to make Herb Oils?

Herbs oils and other preparation are proved to be more effective then the raw herbs. The procedures of making herbs preparation and herbs oils are not a difficult job. To know more about these preparations, go through below.

Herbs can be used in several ways by making varieties of preparation and oils. Preparations of herbs and oils made of herbs are actually very useful. Tinctures, fusions, oils, ointments and poultices are all such preparations which have their special and unique uses.

Below we have discussed the procedures of some of the herbal preparations.

Procedure of Preparing Herbal Tinctures

Tincture is commonly known as extracts or herbal liquids that must have an alcohol base. To prepare tincture, you need to take a glass jar and make it fill with herbs. Then you need to pour enough alcohol into the jar in such a way that herbs get covered completely.

Then, you need to seal the mixture and leave it in a dark and warm place. Keep it at that place for couple of weeks. You need to shake the jar sometimes and after that certain period you can take the extract.

Procedure of Preparing Herbal Infusions

Tea is the most effective and excellent example of infusion. Take fresh or dried herbs into a container and then add boiled water to it. You need to keep this mixture overnight as it is. You can also make infusions with the help of the sun .For that you need to keep the sealed jar, filled with herbs, in the sun.

Procedure of Preparing Herbal Oils

To prepare herbal oils you need to keep herbs and flowers or herbs and spices loosely in a glass bottle and add good quality oil into it. Then you can seal the bottle. You can keep the sealed bottle in a warm and dark place at least for a couple of weeks.

Procedure of Preparing Herb Poultices

To prepare poultices you need to steam the herbs and continue with steaming until they become soft and pliable. You can apply the poultice by wrapping it into a woven cloth.

Procedure of Preparing Herbal Ointments

To make herbal ointments, you need to make it from chopped herbs which are cooked in hot oil and to which wax is added. You need to add quality oil to the herbs and then you can boil it. The oil must be kept on boil until all the water from the herbs get evaporated. After this, wax is added with the hot oil. Then you need to keep the mixture overnight.

How to Make fragrant Oils from Herbs?

To make fragrant oils from herbs, you can choose a base oil like almond or grape seed oil. To select herbs for your fragrance, you might consider visiting a super market. You can select dark glass bottles with tight fitting caps for storing your fragrant oil as they are highly sensitive to light. You might clean your bottles by boiling them in a saucepan of water. Then, you can fill 2/3 rd of this bottle with the base oil. Now, it is time to add your selected herb. You might put the herb directly into the bottle or might crush and extract the oil from the herb using a wire mesh tea sieve. You can add the herbal oil into the dark bottle drop by drop. Normally it takes 2 weeks to 3 months for an oil to become pleasantly fragrant.