Herbs to Stop Crave for Smoking

Smoking habit can be controlled by using some of the herbs which are really beneficial for smokers. To learn more, find below.

Smoking is a widely discussed problem. Actually it can do rigorous harm to your health. Sometimes it can be fatal also because it contributes to cancer.

Hazards of Smoking

Basically the nicotine and the carbon monoxide increase the heart rate and blood pressure temporarily. So it injures the heart and blood vessels. Smoking can cause severe damage to your health such as strokes and heart attacks. It can also slow down the blood flow and cut off the oxygen to the limbs. This results in amputating limbs.

Herbs Can Help in Quitting Smoking

So it is very important to get rid of this life threatening habit. Basically, it’s not very tough to get rid of this smoking. You can diminish your intensity of smoking by using herbs and gradually herbs will take you to out of this fatal habit. In fact herbs have that capability to help you in quitting smoking. Few major herbs that can help you to quit smoking are:

  • Skullcap
  • Valerian
  • Parrot’s Beak
  • Avena Sativa
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Gotu Cola
  • Willow
  • Oak
  • Oregon Grape Root

Herbal Remedies to Quit Smoking

Below are some herbal remedies that you can take easily and those are very effective to help you in quitting smoking.

  • You can grate some radish and then extract its juice. You can mix some honey with it and then you need to drink the juice twice a day.
  • You can chew sugarcane stubs instead of cigarettes. Sugarcane stubs are absolutely harmless, and the sweet taste actually aids you in reducing the urge to smoke.
  • Any kind of aromatic oils made of herbs are excellent for smokers. The aromatic oil massage can help a lot in curbing the smoker’s urge.
  • Some other herbs such as peppermint, valerian, chamomile, skullcap, hops and lobelia are also very efficient in repressing the urge to smoke.

What Herbs are Good for Smoking?

There are some herbs that are considered good for smoking. These herbs may soothe infected or inflamed lungs and cleanse it. These are mullein, horehound, seeds of Jimson weeds, etc.