Herbs for Healthy Skin

Besides having the capability of curing diseases herbs also have the quality to help you in retaining a healthy skin. To know more, read on.

Herbs have always been very effective to get a healthy skin. Herbs can be helpful in upholding healthy skin and for curing problem skin. Below are some tips on how herbs can give you a healthy skin.

In fact skin problem is considered more than a beauty issue rather dermatologists opine that skin problem is a health issue. Eruptions on skin can be caused by many things. If any organ can’t function properly then also eruptions can come.

Basically, herbs are quite efficient to solve these problems and also without leaving any side effect. Since it’s a natural remedy so, it’s less expensive. Once you start following this path of herbal medicine, then gradually you will find that herbs also have nutritional values along with medicinal values.

Herbal Remedy for Healthy Skin

There are some herbs that work excellent for skin problem. Here is little information on those herbs.

  • There are some general herbs that are always seen to be very effective in any kind of skin problems. These herbs are alfalfa, kelp and parsley.
  • Kelp is considered as a natural source of iodine and it helps to control the thyroid. It helps in fighting bacteria and germs.
  • Alfalfa is known to increase immunity because of it has magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and sodium in huge quantity.
  • Parsley has vitamins A, B and C in high quantity and so it has more to offer than only beauty.
  • Some of the herbs also can fix the problem of hormonal imbalance.
  • Ginger is helpful for cleaning the bowels and colon.
  • Lobelia helps to circulate oxygenized blood and decreases menstrual cramps.
  • Raspberry also sometimes works well to answer to the hormonal imbalances of women.
  • Aloe vera is very good for all types of skin.
  • For treating dry skin you need to prepare a facial sauna with calendula. You can also drink peppermint tea.
  • To treat the problems of oily skin. You need to apply witch hazel directly on the skin for absorbing oil. You can also prepare a facial sauna using rosebuds and lemon grass.
  • To treat the acute acne problems, you can make the extract of tea leaves and apply onto the acne.
  • To make a toner, you can easily use witch hazel for oily skin and rosewater for dry skin. You can also instill several herbs and use the water as an effective toner.

Some Herbal Foods for the Healthy Skin

Below are some herbals foods recommended by the dermatologist for having a beautiful and healthy skin.

  • Try to consume sweet potato, mango, carrot and spinach. These foods contain Vitamin A.
  • You can eat peanuts and roasted pumpkin to increase the intake of zinc.
  • Always try to go for any kind of vegetables and fruits those are fresh.
  • Drink a plenty of water.
  • Try to drink tea. Green tea has a great medicinal value