Herbs for Digestion

In order to solve your problems of digestion, you need to streamline your treatment in three different directions Healing and cleansing your intestinal tract, boosting your immune system and improve your ability to digest and absorb food.

Herbs for Digestion:

For Cleansing of the intestinal tract you can try

Plantago Psyllium seed that can scrub clean your intestinal tract. Black walnut can help in expelling parasites and eliminate toxins. Senna Pod also helps in cleansing the colon. Rhubarb Juice powder is a good cleanser for not only the colon but also kidneys.

To improve digestion and absorption you can try

Aloe Vera as its enzymes help through digestion well. Guar Gum is a digestive fiber that helps in regulating the absorption of nutrients. Enzymes of Papain also aid in digestion. You can also use Rosehips as a digestive stimulant.

In order to improve your immune system you can try

Alafalfa juice as it is rich in carotenes, vitamin K, amino acids and chlorophylls. Gingko Biloba is a rich anti-oxidant that can help you fight the damaging free radicals. Chlorella can help you detoxify your blood and promote cell growth. Black Currant powder is a rich source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

For other digestive problems you can use

Carrot Concentrate or Acidophilus for treating constipationm toxicity, gas and bloating. Garlic to help in the elimination of the waste. Gamma orizanol will help you calm the stomach. While Capsicum can help you with inflammation and other bowel disorders.

Or if you are confused about all the above herbal solutions you can simply resort to Wormwood plant. It works well as a digestive stimulant. It treats intestinal worms and relieves liver and gall bladder problems.

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