Herbs for Asthma

Even before chemical drugs became the order of the day, people used herbs to treat even the severest of diseases. There are a variety of herbs that can treat many of the precursor or chronic conditions of asthma.

These are the commonly used herbs for asthma-


This herb relaxes muscles and decreases irritation caused by coughing.


It is the most widely used herb for different symptoms of asthma. It decreases inflammations and repairs damaged tissues.


It breaks works as an expectorant and breaks mucus plugs. However large doses of the herb can be extremely poisonous. It would be recommended in small doses for adults. It is not safe for children.

St. John’s Wort

Some people suffer asthma attacks due to stress and anxiety. St. John’s Wort helps in relaxing and bringing down the stress levels. It works as an anti-anxiety herb.


Peppermint is usually used by asthma patients as an inhaler. It is added to boiling water and its vapors are inhaled to unclog the respiratory passages and break mucus plugs.


Capsicum is a very good stimulant. It improves the circulatory and respiratory functioning in your body. After an asthma attack it is always prescribed with expectorant herbs to unclog the respiratory passage.


Garlic is a very good expectorant and a natural antibiotic. Small amounts of garlic in your daily diet can help you greatly.

Saw Palmetto

This herbs helps you relax your muscles that are stressed during an attack. It also helps break the mucus plugs. When taken in large quantities it can also have a sedative effect.

All these herbs are time-honored remedies for asthma. However, you need to be careful if you have to combine them with prescription or non prescription drugs. There can always be a possibility of an adverse reaction. Do consult your doctor.