Herbal Baths and Soaps

Herbal baths and soaps are the ways to pamper your body at the most. These things allow your body to relax. Herbal baths ans soaps also work as a stress buster. To know more about herbal baths and soaps, just read on.

Now-a-days the concept of several cosmetic baths and soaps are flourishing and as a consequence people seem to forget about the natural bath and soaps that are more effective than the artificial ones.

Few Herbal Bath Recipes

There are varieties of herbal baths you can go for. Here are some tips on that.

  • Mix one cup oatmeal, one table spoon of herbs (herbs like basil or tulsi, neem, calendula, bay and so on) with one drop essential oil. Pour this mixture in water and boil it. Then you can add this liquid mixture to the water of your bath tub and can have a nice bath. This is a normal herbal bath.
  • For having a stimulating herbal bath you can use basil, bay, calendula, lavender, lemon verbena citronella, mint, nettle, fennel horseradish roots, marjoram, pine needles, queen of the meadow, sage, rosemary, savory, thyme and s on.
  • For soothing bath you can use herbs like primrose, hyssop, jasmine, catnip, chamomile, comfrey, passionflower flowers, roses and so on

How to Prepare Herbal Bath?

Herbal baths are the excellent way to pamper your body. Here are the ways of preparing herbal bath.

  • Ingredients

Herbs, aromatherapy candles, cheesecloth, enamel cooking pots and a small piece of string.

  • Steps

1. Take a piece of cheesecloth and place the herbs into is. Then you need to tie that cloth with string.

2. Keep the bag into an enamel pot and pour water, until the bag gets submerged. Then boil the water and after boiling remove the pot from the oven.
3. Cover the enamel pot and leave it for 15 minutes.

4. Take bath tub full water with the temperature you want. Pour the herb mixture into it.

5. Now you herbal bath is prepared.

Herbal Soaps for Herbal Baths

For having a proper herbal bath you must have a proper herbal soap. Several kinds of herbal soaps are available in market, which you can easily get. The herbs mentioned below are generally used for preparing herbal soaps.

  • Aloe vera
  • Calendula
  • Neem
  • Basil or Tulsi
  • Rose