Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya medicinal values:

Papaya is a powerhouse of nutrients and is available through out the year. It is a rich source of threes powerful antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E; the minerals, magnesium and potassium; the B vitamins, pantothenic acid and folate; and fibre. In addition to all this, it contains a digestive enzyme-papain that effectively treats causes of trauma, allergies and sports injuries.

Health Benefits of Papaya

Listed below are some of the effective Health Benefits of Papaya, Papaya medicinal values:

  • All the nutrients of papaya as a whole improve cardiovascular system, protect against heart diseases, heart attacks, strokes and prevent colon cancer.
  • The fruit is an excellent source of beta carotene that prevents damage caused by free radicals that may cause some forms of cancer.
  • It is reported that it helps in the prevention of diabetic heart disease.
  • Papaya lowers high cholesterol levels as it is a good source source of fiber.
  • Papaya effectively treats and improves all types of digestive and abdominal disorders. It is a medicine for dyspepsia, hyperacidity, dysentery and constipation.
  • Papaya helps in the digestion of proteins as it is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes. Even papain-a digestive enzyme found in papaya is extracted, dried as a powder and used as an aid in digestion.
  • Ripe fruit consumed regularly helps in habitual constipation.
  • It is also reported that papaya prevents premature aging. It may be that it works because a poor digestion does not provide enough nutrients to our body.
  • The fruit is regarded as a remedy for abdominal disorders,
  • The skin of papaya works as a best medicine for wounds. Even you can use the pulp left after extracting the juice from papaya as poultice on the wounds.
  • The enzymes papain and chymopapain and antioxidant nutrients found in papaya have been found helpful in lowering inflammation and healing burns. That is why people with diseases( such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis) that are worsened by inflammation, find relief as the severity of the condition reduces after taking all these nutrients.
  • Papaya contributes to a healthy immune system by increasing your resistance to coughs and colds because of its vitamin A and C contents.
  • Papaya included in your diet ensures a good supply of vitamin A and C that are highly essential for maintaining a good health.

Cosmetic Benefits of Papaya

  • Rubbing the white pulp of raw papaya improves pimples as well as wrinkles.
  • Papaya works as a good bleaching agent. It is an important ingredient in bath soaps, astringents, detergent bars and hand washes.

Home Recipe for Papaya Skin Lightner

Experts suggest that papaya can help in removing dead worn-out skin cells and replace it with healthy new cells, thereby lightening the color of our skin. For this, one can prepare a paste of raw papaya and apply it on the skin once for few days.

How to Eat Papaya Seeds?

To eat papaya seeds, you can scoop out seeds, using a spoon, from a papaya and then use the seeds for salad dressings.

How to Eat a Papaya?

You can eat papaya in variety of ways salads, jams, pickles, sauces, etc.

How to Cut a Papaya?

Placing your papaya on a cutting board, cut it into two halves using a sharp knife. Now holding the papaya and gently scoop out the seeds. Cut each half of your fruit into various sections, your fruit is ready to be eaten.