Health Benefits of Kelp

Medicinal values of Kelp:

Kelp, the brown seaweed has numerous health benefits. It has been used for centuries in various culinary preparations, natural treatments and medical applications. It is known as a Ëśmiracle plant-because of its curative properties. It is generally found in capsules as a health supplement and contains various vitamins, trace minerals natural minerals and rare earth elements. It is said to be a natural food source and can be obtained from health stores.

Information on kelp shows that it is helpful in treating various conditions due to its rich mineral content.

Here is a brief description about the health benefits of kelp, medicinal value of Kelp.

  • The most important health benefit of kelp is its ability to provide two major minerals such as iron for blood cell function and iodine for thyroid function.
  • Kelp increases metabolism, energy levels and balances blood lipid concentrations, which are extremely helpful for obese people.
  • It has been reported that kelp helps in alleviating arthritis pain
  • Osteoporosis is caused by deterioration of bones due to lack of minerals and kelp effectively helps bone loss treatment by replenishing the required minerals.
  • It benefits people suffering from emaciation, impotence and anemia.
  • It helps lower cholesterol levels.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It prevents cancer and heart diseases.
  • It improves liver function.
  • It is reported that kelp aids in brain development.
  • Kelp effectively helps mineral deficiencies.
  • It helps constipation, poor digestion and flatulence.
  • It suppresses AIDS.
  • Kelp is especially beneficial to women because of its high iron, potassium and calcium content. And all these 3 minerals are highly essential for women during pregnancy, nursing and menstruation.

Cosmetic Benefits of Kelp

  • It reduces hair loss
  • A kelp bath helps in hormone balance and gives a more youthful body.


Do not start taking kelp without consulting your health professional to make sure whether they are apt for you or not.