How To Grow Herbs In Containers?

You can grow herbs in containers of you don’t have enough space to grow herbs in your garden or in any other place at your home. Basically, herbs are ideal plants which can grow in containers. To know more, find below.

Basically, herb does not produce the woody stem and it dies each winter to a recurrent root system. In the sense of gardening, herbs are such plants that dole out as the vital source of flavoring in the cooking of several foods. Apart from culinary uses herbs also include those plants which are used to add scent in cosmetic and for medicinal values.

How to Grow Herbs in Containers?

Although, there are various ways of growing herbs but for some persons there is no other option left other than growing herbs in container. Moreover, the fact is that herbs are perfect for growing in containers. Below are the ways discussed for growing herbs in containers.

  • Choose the proper container that is suitable for growing herbs. That container must have a drainage hole. Generally, clay pots are preferred for they are more porous than plastic containers. Apart from that, strawberry jars, window boxes and hanging baskets can also be used.
  • You need to be very careful during preparing the soil. The soil must be well drained and loose. You are suggested to mix peat moss and vermiculite with the potting soil.
  • You can go for small plants that grow slowly because those plants are ideal for growing in containers. For examples, there are sage, golden sage, purple sage , parsley and so on.
  • You need to take a very good care of herbs in containers. The most important part of taking care is watering them properly. In fact plants growing in pots dry out quicker than those growing in ground.
  • So you need to water the herb plant twice on a hot sunny day.
  • You don’t need to add as much as fertilizer in the herb plants container as you generally do in case of other plants container. This is because; the herbs don’t require much fertilizer.
  • When you notice the herb plant growing, you need to pinch the back of the plants for keeping them bushy.
  • You always need to take away the diseased and dead leaves from the plant to keep it healthy.