Ginseng Medicinal Value

Ginseng herb is one among the world renowned herbs. It is considered to be one of the nature’s greatest gifts to mankind. Since ancient times ginseng is popular in herbal medicine, Ayurveda and other alternative medicine. Various research studies have demonstrated that ginseng contains almost 28 therapeutic elements called as Ginsenosides. Ginseng has a wide spectrum of medicinal values. The important medicinal value of ginseng is listed below:

  • Potent anti-aging agent
  • Stress reducer
  • Energizer
  • Normalizes body function
  • Enhances physical endurance
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Prevents cancer
  • Balances hormones
  • Boosts metabolic rate
  • Enhances peripheral circulation
  • Improves mental energy, concentration and alertness
  • Aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer
  • Balances hormones
  • Anti-clotting effect

Health Benefits of Ginseng:

Ginseng’s medicinal value is generally used as preventative measure. It is observed that regular and long term use of ginseng provides large number of health benefits. Some of the major health benefits are listed below:

  • Effective in treating cold and cough
  • Anemia
  • Insomnia
  • Both types of diabetes
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Stress
  • Rheumatism
  • Gout
  • Neuralgia
  • Headache
  • Backache
  • Double vision
  • Normalizes menstruation
  • Periodontal disease
  • Influenza
  • Erectile dysfunction and male infertility

How to Use Ginseng?

This is a major question to be answered as every herb has its own way to be used. And it is important to follow all instructions and precautions before using any herb. You can consume ginseng in different ways but best results are shown when used raw. A piece of dried or fresh ginseng root can be eaten like a candy. Regular consumption of raw ginseng will give you immense health benefits. Other ways to use ginseng are listed below:

  • Ginseng Tea:

    ginseng can be used in the form of tea. The procedure to make ginseng tea is very easy. In a non-metallic container boil 2 cups of water. After boiling water remove the container from heat. To the boiling hot water add one slice of ginseng root and cover the container at least for 5 minutes. Strain it and if you wish then you can even add cinnamon, mint, honey or sugar. It is advisable to drink 1 cup of ginseng tea at least 2-3 time/day.

  • Powdered Ginseng:

    In case you want to use ginseng powder then it is better to consume it with some liquid. You can mix 2 teaspoons of ginseng powder in a glass of juice or water. It is advisable to drink this ginseng powder mixed juice or water 2-3 glass/day.

  • Ginseng Capsules:

    Ginseng capsules are easily available in market. It is necessary that you follow all the instruction given on the label.

  • Ginseng Tincture:

    Ginseng tincture can be easily prepared at home. All you need to do is put at least handful of dried ginseng root in a glass jar. Now to the glass jar add vodka or gin. Make sure that vodka or gin should be able to cover dried ginseng roots. Cover the jar and store it for few weeks. After few weeks strain the liquid and store it in clean jar. This ginseng tincture can be used with juices.

Lastly it is advisable that before consuming ginseng you need to consult your physician or naturalist. Remember that any herbal preparation should be consumed under the guidance of a professional practitioner.