Garlic is one of the most effective herbs. Its medicinal values work best for several minor to major diseases. Here is a brief description about the medicinal values and health benefit of garlic.

Medicinal Values and Health Benefits of Garlic

Cold and Cough

The commonest ailment that has been always treated by garlic is none other than cold and cough. Upon the onset of the sniffles, many people testify that consuming a clove or more of raw garlic takes them away.According to research studies, the garlic extract gets our immunity better and boosts up our inbuilt defense system.


Since long time, several researches have been conducted to find the actual effects of garlic on cancer. Basically, a strong immune system is essential to fight cancer and it is widely believed that garlic gives a very good support to that system. Studies actually suggest that garlic block cancer causing substances from forming. It also slows down the expansion of tumor cells.

Heart Disease

Actually, there are several factor those are responsible for heart disease. Garlic can check that problem by reducing your cholesterol levels. By this, eventually, the scopes of plaque decreases.


Garlic is also helpful to control your blood pressure and in the process it makes your blood thin. So blood clots can’t form within arteries. Thus it also diminishes the chances of hypertension.


According to research studies, garlic has also been seen to be effective for those who are suffering from impotence.