Basics of Scented herb garden

A scented herb garden inside the campus of your house is really a beautiful place where you can come and give your mind a soothing feeling at the end of a stressful day. To know about the basic requirements of the scented herb garden,just go through.

A scented herb garden is actually made up of such types of herbs that have aromatic qualities. In fact, it is the place where you would like to go whenever you would feel stressed out.

It can comprise of a few nicely fragrant herbs those are planted in pots and kept at one side of your veranda or terrace. Or else you can also make a garden that and can plant several scented herbs there.

The Basic Criteria of A Scented Herb Garden

Here are some tips on the basic requirements of a scented herbs garden.

  • You can arrange for a fountain along with a green lawn. It will make you feel good with sweet smelling garden.
  • You can opt for the fragrant plants like sage, basil, rue and so on. Besides, you can pick some flower plants like rose, lily, iris and so on.
  • It is always suggested that there must be some herbs with medicinal values behind the garden. It helps in refreshing the entire atmosphere.

Few Plants That You Can Pick for The Scented Herb Garden

Here are some plants that you can pick to beautify your garden and can make your garden really fragrant.

  • Basil

Though Basil is mainly believed as a cookery herb, but its irrefutable fragrance is both soothing and pleasant.

  • Catnip

Catnip has a sweet smell, so you can plant this in your garden. But take a little care of it because the smell is also liked by the kitties.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile, however, commonly known for its nice tea, is also a wonderful plant

  • Feverfew

Feverfew produces flowers that smell very sweet and thereby makes your garden fragrant.

Lavender is everybody’s favorite herb and it spreads a sweet smell at its surroundings.