Health Benefits of Rock Salt

Rock salt is a natural salt which is not processed. It is superior to table salt because of its high quantities of minerals and also lack of chemicals and additives. However, it is coarse to touch and also does not mix in food easily as table salt. Hence, people use latter than the rock salt. Now a days, due to pollution that are flushed into sea water, quality of rock salt is questionable. This results in using refined salt.

Health Benefits of Rock Salt

Good quality rock salt can be obtained from certain places. This has many health benefits and also helps in treating many disorders. The following are some health benefits of rock salt:Health Benefits of Rock Salt

  • Oxygen flow can be improved by burning the rock salt candles or lamps. Lamps of rock salt release negative free ions that triggers the oxygen flow.
  • Oxygen flow also improves the mood and is useful in treating the seasonal affective disorder.
  • Colored smoke released by the rock salt lamps helps in the relaxation. This also helps in managing and treating stress.
  • Rock salt stimulates digestion and also improves appetite.
  • Bowel functioning is improved and also acidity is reduced.
  • It is also used for curing various respiratory disorders and also conditions. Ailments like allergies, asthma, common cold are treated effectively with rock salt.
  • This salt kills the bacteria present in the airway and flushes out mucus present.
  • Sinus inflammation is also reduced by rock salt.
  • Rock salt contains many minerals that are essential for the body. These minerals increase the immune system.
  • It contains iron, magnesium, copper and, calcium that are essential for many organs of the body. It also contains more than 50 additional minerals that are beneficial for the body.

These were some of the health benefits of rock salt. Now that you know these benefits we hope these tips would come in handy for a healthy and happy life!

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