Herb Mania – Test Yourself!!!

Qiuz on Harbs

This herb is also called French Parsley and Cerefolium. It has slight aniseed flavor and has an aroma of myrrh. What is this herb?
This herb is related to Oregano, but has a mild flavor. It is used in European and Italian cuisine. It even has anti-fungal properties. What is this herb?
This herb is associated with fish dishes. It is excellent with eggs too. They are used to add flavors to pickle. What is the name of this herb?
The other names of this herb are “See Bright” or “Clear Eye”. It has been used to prepare ointments and eye washes. Which is the herb?
This herb is a leaf from a shrub or tree. Its botanical name is “Laurus Nobilis”, and other names are Lorbeer and Daphne. Name this herb?

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