Cassia Seed Extract – Health Benefits of Cassia Seed

Botanical Name

Cassia obtusifolia, Cassia tora


– Fabaceae/Leguminosae

Cassia seeds are bitter, sweet and salty in flavor. Cassia seed extract is beneficial in problems related to intestine, liver, large intestine and vision. The seed extract is also used as an alternative to coffee. The seed is slightly cold in nature and hence works better on liver and large intestine.

Cassia is the native tree of the tropics. It is quite popular in China in Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong and Guangxi regions. During fall months, Cassia seeds are harvested and these are sun dried before use. Cassia seeds are used in different forms such as whole seed, tea packets, ground powder, pastes and herb pillows. Cassia seed helps improve vision, removes intensive heat from the liver and provides nourishment to large intestine and also smoothes the bowel movement.

Cassia Seed Health Benefits

Cassia seeds is known for various medicinal benefits. It has following health benefits –

  • The seeds of Cassia are used for common problems related to kidney, intestine, liver and vision.
  • Cassia seed extract is also used for dying purposes.
  • It is used as an alternative to coffee.
  • Its consumption removes intense heat from the liver.
  • Eases the bowel movement.
  • Cassia seeds along with dodder and wolfberry seeds provide nourishment to intestine.
  • It helps in improving the vision and cures blurred vision, redness, itchiness, congestion or light sensitivity caused by hot wind conditions.
  • Cassia seeds act as a laxative and can cure constipation caused due to heat accumulation in the intestine.
  • Cassia seed extract can inhibit fungal growth.
  • Cassia seeds paste is used for treatment of various skin ailments such as snake bite and other parasitic disorders.
  • Cassia seeds can also lower the blood pressure and cholesterol.

Cassia Seed Side Effects

Cassia seeds have following side effects-

  • It contains chemicals such as obtusin, chrysophanol, aurantio-obtusin which are of benefit to us, but can also lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), obesity and psoriasis.
  • It can cause uterus contraction.
  • It has some gastrointestinal side effects such as diarrhea, gas and nausea.

Hence, if you suffer from any of the described conditions, intake of Cassia seeds can effectively cure the condition. Due to its uterus contraction property, it should not be used by pregnant women. It should not be taken by people with low blood pressure. It should be taken under medical practitioner’s supervision.

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