What are the Health Benefits of Biliberry?

Biliberry is one among the herbs with various health benefits. It has been eaten by people for centuries in pies, cakes and jams. Biliberry is indigenous to Northern America and is a relative of blueberry. In addition to biliberry being a tasty treat, there are various health benefits of biliberry which include for the treatment of cardiovascular system and the eyes. Before taking this herbal supplement, one must always consult their herbalist or doctor. The supplements of biliberry are not regulated strictly by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), thus they must be used with caution. Biliberry herb may interact negatively with the other drugs or medications which you might be taking.

Health benefits of biliberry

Biliberry can be swallowed, drunk or eaten. For many individuals, biliberries are a very delicious fruit which can be eaten in jams or as whole. The leaves of biliberry herbal plant are used for making pills. These herb is ground down and its powder is packed into the capsules. This plant’s herbal tea can be prepared by using both the biliberry leaves and berries. Some of the biliberry health benefits include the following:

  • Cardiovascular health:

    This biliberry herb can help in improving the health of the circulatory system. Biliberry is rich in anti-oxidants and thus can help in improving circulation and also in protecting the circulatory system against various diseases. This herb can also help to improve varicose veins and atherosclerosis.

  • Varicose veins:

    This is a condition in which there are cordlike and twisty visible veins usually inside the legs. They can also cause achy legs, pain and cramping after prolonged standing or sitting.

  • Eye health:

    Biliberry plant contains certain elements which help in improving eye health and in protecting the eyes against diseases. Biliberry protects the collagen structure in the eyes. It can treat and prevent retinopathy and macular degeneration.

  • Some of the other health benefits of biliberry include the treatment of scurvy, menstrual cramps diarrhea and circulation cramps. It is also used for the treatment of diabetes.

The above article discusses about the various health benefits of biliberry. But, make sure that you use this herbal supplement only after taking guidance from medical professional or your doctor.

Apart from health benefits, there are some side effects of this herb. You can read our other article Side Effects of Biliberry to know more.

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