Health Benefits of Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia serrata predominantly grows in India. The resin sappy oleoresin of Boswellia is extracted and purified for the medicinal use. This exuded compound is referred as boswellin. It contains essential oils and triterpenoids. The triterpenoids have the anti-inflammatory properties which are efficacious as most of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). There are various health benefits of Boswellia serrata without any side effects like permanent damage to the liver and kidneys and gastric bleeding. It is also useful for the treatment of several conditions.

Boswellia serrata Health benefits

Here is a list of various health benefits of Boswellia serrata.

    • Anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor properties:

      In the college of Pharmacy at the Rutgers University, in Piscataway, NJ (New Jersey, The researchers at the Laboratory for the Cancer Research gave Boswellia to the mice either internally or topically for about 10-24 weeks. The mice which was ingested with Boswellia had a reduction in the body fat content and tumor growth, while the mice which was received topical application of Boswellia on the tumor area had a marked tumor growth inhibition. Thus, it was concluded by the researchers that this Boswellia herb has anti-carcinogenic, anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-tumor properties.

    • Rheumatoid arthritis:

      Boswellia is a very good supplement for the management of pain which is associated with the rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb. The acids of this herb inhibit the breakdown of the healthy tissues and thus keeps the inflammation in check. Boswellia is prescribed by the doctors in India over ketoprofen which is the next major drug of choice. Ketoprofen drug is a prescription of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs which can cause damage to the liver and kidneys and stomach bleeding.

    • Osteoarthritis:

      Researchers have also compared the efficacy of this herb boswellia with Cox-2 inhibitors. Cox-2 inhibitors are the strong NSAIDs along with various side effects. After the course of the study, they have discovered that this herb took a longer timer to start working, but it continued its work even after stopping the doses. But, the Cox-2 inhibitors although worked more quickly, but it provided no relief later when the drug was discontinued. Along with this, individuals who took Boswellia has no side effects expect a very few who experienced unpleasant taste while taking Boswellia and has nausea. Whereas, individuals taking Cox-2 inhibitors experienced side effects such as gastric bleeding, constipation, diarrhea and stomach upset.

    • Irritable bowel disease:

      The herb Boswellia can be very beneficial for individuals who are sufferers of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. The compounds present in Boswellia block leukotrienes (these are the cells of immune system that are produced in response to things which provoke a negative reaction within the body). Leukotrienes are the most common ones associated with asthma inflammation, but it can cause irritation and swelling in the body.

  • Rejuvenates mature skin:

    Boswellia serrata oil has been scientifically demonstrated for its skin-rejuvenating power. It has the ability to produce a more youthful and young-looking skin. In 2010, the researchers at the University of Brescia in Brescia, Italy have found that women who applied Boswellia cream on their faces experiences much suppler, smoother and less oily skin with in 30 days.

  • Treats ringworm:

    Ringworm is a fungus which is common in hot and humid climates. It creates itchy and red circles over the skin. The practitioners in the Indian Ayurvedic suggest this herb as the treatment for ringworm. Although, there are no proven studies for its effectiveness specifically against ringworm. But, the oil has the antifungal activity. Although, this herb works effectively against the Candida albicans strains which are resistant to fluconazole, an antifungal drug.

  • Reduces inflammation:

    One among of the best known health benefits of Boswellia’s oil is soothing inflammation. This is the reason it is helpful in easing arthritis pain. This Boswellia oil is even gentle to use on the rosacea-affected sensitive skin.

  • Heals damaged skin:

    The oil of Boswellia promotes cell growth. It also reduces the likelihood of scarring and it helps to speed up healing. The oil of Boswellia can be diluted with water and can be used as a compress and applied directly on the cracked skin, wounds or sores.

  • Loses weight:

    Boswellia serrata has a very high level of gugglesterones, which helps in losing weight. This also stimulates the thyroid and this is very beneficial to reduce weight. Once the thyroid gland is stimulated, it leads to an increase in the efficiency of thyroid, causing an increase in the calorie burned. Thus, this Boswellia can be found in many of the over-the-counter supplements for weight loss. Individuals who are willing to lose weight can consult their dietician or herbalists before using Boswellia to lose weight.

  • Asthma:

    Boswellia herb can also be very beneficial for improving the symptoms and signs of asthma. Individuals who have asthma can take Boswellia and may notice a reduction in the attacks.

  • Diarrhea:

    Boswellia herb is also helpful in treating diarrhea.

  • Pulmonary disease:

    Boswellia herb also helps in the treatment of pulmonary disease.

The above article discusses briefly about the various health benefits of Boswellia serrata. Boswellia serrata can also act as a pain reliever for individuals who suffer from arthritis. The Bosewellia extract also acts as a natural ibuprofen or aspirin. But, be careful while using Boswellia herb, as there are some side effects of Boswellia serrata which can range from mild to severe. Pregnant women and breast-feeding women must avoid the use of Boswellia herb due to the lack of research.

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