What are the Side Effects of Chlorella?

Chlorella is the type of algae which grows in the fresh water. Chlorella, whole plant is useful in making medicine and nutritional supplements. Most of the chlorella which is available in U.S. is grown in Taiwan or Japan. This is processed and prepared into liquid extracts and tablets. These liquid extracts generally contain the ňúchlorella growth factor-that is described as the water-soluble extract containing chemicals including nucleic acids, sugars, vitamins, proteins, peptides and amino acids. However, there are some side effects of chlorella which are discussed in this article. Read on to know more.

Side effects of Chlorella

Chlorella is safe possibly when used for a short-term period of up to two months. Some of the most side effects of chlorella include nausea, diarrhea, flatulence (gas), stomach cramping (especially during the first week of its use), chest pain and discoloration of stools into green color.

  • Some of the other side effects which are widely experience after the use of chlorella include fever and aching.
  • In some cases, some people may experience vomiting as one among the chlorella side effects.
  • Some of the well known chlorella side effects include poor concentration, weakness in muscles, irritability and headaches.
  • Some individuals might become very sensitive to sunlight because of the chlorella use.
  • One of the significant chlorella side effects is bloating.
  • Some people may experience an increase in the uric acid levels; this can further lead to severe heart troubles.
  • Itching or swelling of the skin may be one among the side effects of chlorella after its use.
  • Some individuals might develop allergic reactions, which include breathing difficulties, chest pain, tightness in the chest or throat, skin hives, itching skin or swollen skin and a rash. Thus, it is better to avoid its use.
  • They are many individuals who complain of very mild fatigue to extreme fatigue and even lack of enthusiasm after the chlorella use.
  • Chlorella can also cause a serious allergic reaction which includes asthma and other seriously dangerous breathing problems.
  • Chlorella can also make the skin extra-sensitive to the sun light. Thus, individuals, especially who have light skin must use sun blocking creams and other safety precautions to avoid sun burns or skin tanning.

Precautions while using Chlorella:

  • Pregnancy:

    Pregnant women must avoid the use of chlorella to be on the safe side. Because there isn’t enough known about the safety of chlorella.

  • Breast-feeding or nursing:

    It is also good to avoid the use of chlorella while nursing or breast-feeding. This is because, there isn’t enough known about the safety of this herb.

  • Iodine sensitivity:

    Chlorella contains iodine, Thus, when individuals who are sensitive to iodine may develop and an allergic reaction on the use of iodine.

  • Immunodeficiency (weak immune system):

    There is a concern about the use of chlorella. Because it may cause an increase in the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine of individuals who have a weaker immune response. Thus, individual have a weak immune system must avoid its use and be careful.

  • Autoimmune diseases or other conditions:

    Chlorella might also cause an increase in the immune systems activity. This can increase the signs or symptoms of various auto-immune diseases such as RA (rheumatoid arthritis), SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), MS (multiple sclerosis) or other conditions. Thus, individuals suffering with any of this diseases must avoid the use of chlorella.

The above article discusses about the side effects of chlorella. It is better to avoid the use of any herb without any guidance for you health condition. consult your medical professional before taking any herbs or chlorella.

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