Isabgol Various Benefits of Isabgol

Isabgol is also called Isphagula and Psyllium. It is obtained from the seed husks of Plantago ovata. Its common name is Desert Indian wheat. Isabgol is one of the excellent sources of dietary fibers. These seed husks are an excellent natural remedy for colon cleansing.

Isabgol fibers absorb waste in the stomach and removes it out from the colon. It allows healthier colon and improves digestion. It is the best remedy for weight loss, constipation and digestive cleansing. It provides fiber in low carb diet plans. For every 100 grams of herb, isabgol provides 71 grams of fiber. The husk soaks up excess water in the intestine, cleanses the digestive tract and relieves problems such as diarrhea, bloating and constipation.

Isabgol Benefits

Following are some of the health benefits of isabgol –

  • Reduces cholesterol level

    Isabgol can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Weight loss

    – The husk enables healthy weight loss.

  • Controls diarrhea

    Isabgol can prevent diarrhea and dehydration caused by it.

  • Blood glucose level

    It regulates insulin and blood glucose level.

  • Anal fissures

    It can cure anal fissures caused by IBS and constipation and keeps the bowel healthy.

  • Colon cancer

    – Isabgol is effective against colon cancer and prevents cancer formation.

  • Hormonal imbalance stabilization

    Its intake is beneficial for those women who face hormonal imbalance because of menopause. Isabgol intake can enhance estrogen production in the body and control hormonal imbalance.

  • Toothache

    – The herb also relieves toothache. It should be soaked in vinegar and applied on tooth.

  • Isabgol prevents flatulence and indigestion.
  • This is one of the inexpensive treatment.

Cautions before using Isabgol

  • Isabgol should not be used when there are obstructions in the intestine.
  • It should be avoided by diabetic people as it can elevate the blood sugar level.
  • One should drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to avoid dehydration as isabgol is a fiber and absorbs water from waste and intestine.


7 responses to Isabgol Various Benefits of Isabgol

  1. i weigh 105 kg ht 5.5inch with very high acidity i take pantadoc 40 during acidity last 2 months itake 2 spoon morning &2 spoon at night daily iam not adiabetic patient i reduced 2 kg will isabgol help me to reduce wt. reply

  2. Kindly send me details how Isongol is to be taken. Whether it is to be abosorbed by water for some time or just in a glass mix the Isobgol with water and dring. PROCEDURE TO USE…..

    • Take 1 tsp isabgol husk & soak it in water overnite.Next day morning stir very briskly for 1-2 minutes add some honey or sugar & drink it on empty stomach.U can see that ur system will b cleansed in 1-2 hrs.

  3. my problem is i used a isphagol daily before sleeping plz advised me my wedding is come in after 1 month what the result is used me plz tell me thios is right for and no plz

  4. gm said on April 16, 2011

    can dysentry people take isabgol?

    can isabgol take in normalwater?

    pl reply?

  5. how i get isubgul to consume…
    source i.e name of medicine…

  6. For clear motion ISABGOL should be taken after dinner ( one spoon or so)by dissolving in one full glass luke warm ( not hot)water.Drink lot of water in the day to improve digestion and get rid of acidity.
    I read ,some where that Isagol can reduce blood sugar but in this site it says otherwise.pL comment.It is quite confuing.