Herbal Prednisone

Prednisone is a powerful steroid that has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to treat people suffering from asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Most people prefer to use herbal medicines as compared to prednisone because of its side effects.


Prednisone is a steroid which is used to stop inflammation. This is treated for skin disorders, allergies, rashes, breathing difficulties and ulcerative colitis. This drug is very powerful but many people have stopped its use because of its side effects.

Side effects of Prednisone

If this drug is used for a very long time, it leads to side effects like thinning of the skin, accumulation of fat at the waist, neck, facial areas and back. It also leads to sexual dysfunctions and since the skin is very delicate you may get bruised easily. A women would face menstrual problems if prednisone is taken for a long time. Other side effects are insomnia, mood swings, acne, dry skin, slow healing of wounds, frequent headaches, excess sweating and abdominal pain.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are used as an alternate remedy to prednisone and other types of medicines. There are three types of Chinese herbs called Lig-Zhi, Ku-Shen and Gan-Cao which are combined together. These herbs is an alternate for prednisone without having any side effects on the patients.
These three Chinese herbs showed remarkable results and also improved the health of patients suffering from asthma and arthritis.

The other Chinese herb which is called Dong quai is an excellent alternate for prednisone and also controls pain. Dong quai has anti-inflammatory properties and gives an instant boost of energy. Since this herb also has antispasmodic qualities it helps in curing pain in the abdominal region, arthritic pain and headaches. This herb can be consumed with a daily dosage of 530 mg capsules.

This herb should be taken with meals and women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not have it.

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