Health Benefits of Hyssop Herb

Hyssop is one of the healing herbs and was used in the Biblical times. Healers of Biblical times knew the health benefits of hyssop. It is a skin cleanser and it has various benefits too.

Health Benefits of Hyssop:

  • Lung Problems:

    This herb is used to treat various lung problems like coughs, colds and, asthma. This is also useful in loosening the phlegm in lungs. Apply hyssop on the chest directly to treat many lung problems.

  • Sore Throat:

    For ages it has been used for treating sore throat and particularly useful for treating infants and children. Apply the hyssop paste to the throat directly to soothe and also for heals soreness. Hyssop tea is also used for treating sore throats.

  • Fevers:

    It is an excellent medicine for fevers. Hyssop causes perspiration and purges the toxins from body and also fever. A cup of hyssop tea for every hour subsides fever.

  • High Blood Pressure:

    It regulates blood and improves the blood circulation, hence this makes it an excellent herb for treating high blood pressure. It lowers blood pressure and soothes the body.

  • Bruises and Inflammation:

    When hyssop leaves are directly applied to the skin, pain and swelling caused by the insects bites, bruises and other skin inflammations are reduced. Crush the fresh leaves and apply on the affected area.

    For large bruises, make leaves into poultice. Soak herb for 15-20 minutes in boiling water and tie it in a cloth. Apply it on the affected areas and hence, to remove discoloration and also eases pain.

  • Stomach Problems:

    This herb soothes the lining of the stomach and is also helpful in treating all stomach disorders. Consume hyssop tea once or thrice in a day to treat all kinds of stomach disorders.

Preparation of Hyssop Tea:

Boil a cup of water and one table spoon of dried hyssop. Steep the mixture for 20 minutes and then strain it.

Safety Tips of Hyssop:

Do not use hyssop for more than 2 weeks. After using it for 2 weeks, discontinue it for 1 or 2 weeks. After this break, use it again.

Always consult the herbalists or health care provider before using the herb.

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