Spiral Herb Garden – How to Build Spiral Herb Garden

Spiral herb garden contains various permaculture design principles and follows spiral shape which is found naturally. It is a mound of soil, around 1meter tall and 2metres in diameter. Soil compaction is avoided and should be able to reach all the parts of the spiral without stepping into soil. Put rock spirals round the mound i.e., from bottom right to top.

The mound and rock provide micro climates and range of niches for cultivating various herbs. The soil on the bottom of spiral is very drier than the top soil and north facing side is cooler. Watercress and mints should always be planted.

How to Build a Spiral Herb Garden?

Herbal gardens are very popular types of garden that people grow them in their backyards. These provide fresh spices and herbs for the dishes. Spiral herb garden method improves growing herbs.

The following are some instructions for building spiral garden for herbs.

  • Select a place for the garden. It is suggested to construct it in the kitchen, because fresh herbs can be used while cooking. It is also a good idea to plant herbs outside as they get sunlight.
  • Rocks should be placed in the spiral form from large to small in the pot. It is good to have spiral garden in clockwise pattern. Ground level spiral can be build.
  • Put soil between the spirals and plant herbs.
  • Herbs like sage, rosemary, tarragon and thyme should be planted in the inner parts of spiral. These require less water and can survive better inside the spiral.
  • Position parsley, chives, cilantro, chamomile, coriander, violets and, mint on the outer parts of spiral. These require more water and the outer part of the spiral has most water.


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