Health Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water came into scenario in the 10Th Century from Persia. Most of the rose oils and rose water still come from that region only. Rose water preparation requires many petals, but the rose water is required for many purposes. It has many health benefits.

Growing popularity for the rose water is its rich fragrance. Its fragrance refreshes the body and mind. It has pleasant and romantic fragrance. It is an excellent skin toner that firms the skin naturally and also hydrates the skin to give a healthy glow. If used regularly, it helps in cleansing and tightening the skin’s pores. Rose water has gained popularity in aromatherapy because it provides calming and relaxing effect.

Rose Water

Here are some

health benefits of rose water


Skin care:

Rose water is mostly used for skin care. This is safe and gentle for all types of skin. This has good effect on aging and dry skin. This also works well on oily skin and skin prone to blemishes. It has astringent like property that reduces redness from the enlarged capillaries.


When rose water is added to a tub of hot water, it is an excellent relaxant. It has soothing effect, hence used for treating stress. It is also used for treating stress related diseases like nervous tension, heart diseases and peptic ulcers.


Rose hips are also used for preparing rose water. These are rich in essential vitamins. Essential vitamins include vitamin A, B3, C, D and E. Antioxidants, flavonoids, zinc and tannins are also found in rose water. These all improve the texture and health of skin.


Therapeutic teas are prepared from rose water. These teas are used for treating bladder infections and stomach distresses. This is also sipped as warm beverage for its calming capacity.

Food Flavoring:

Numerous dishes are flavored with little amounts of rose water. Ice creams, Greek pastries, custards, Indian curries, marzipan and, Baklava are all splashed with rose water for its appealing flavor.

Hair care:

Add a few drops of rose water to bathing water while taking bath. Pour this water on the head. It reduces scalp inflammation and increases blood supply to scalp, thereby increases hair growth. Also it acts a great conditioner.

Eye care:

Rosewater acts as a great relaxer. If your eyes are running, burning or turned red, or if eyes are swollen, irritated or inflamed, then rose water is an excellent remedy for relaxation and treating them. Just put 3 drops of rose water in eyes and close your eyes for a few minutes for getting relief immediately.

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