Bitter Herbs

Any herb that has bitter taste is called bitter herb. Bitterness of a herb may range from mild to strong. The herb with mild bitterness is Chamomila and that of strong is rue. These bitter herbs are used as an alternative healing for thousands of years. These can affect physiological reactions in the body as an internal cleanser, an astringent, a stomachic, a tonic and a relaxer. Bitter herbs can be used to counter inflammation and also to improve digestion.

Benefits of Bitter Herbs:

Other benefits of bitter herbs are:

  • Aids indigestion.
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • Relax muscle spasms.
  • Breaks down fatty foods.
  • Tone the liver.
  • Dispels gas in the intestines.

List of Bitter Herbs:

The following is the list of bitter herbs. Classification of herbs is done on their taste and hence some may be surprising.

    1. Angelica:

      Also called as Angelica archangelica. It is used to treat ailments like rheumatism and cold. Its properties made it a stomachic, tonic and, stimulant.

    1. Chamomile:

      Otherwise called as Matricaria chamomilla. This is a mild bitter herb and is used as a antispasmodic and sedative. Its properties help in curing restlessness and fever.

    1. Dandelion:

      Scientifically called as Taraxacum. This is also a mild bitter herb used in cleansing blood and diuretic. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It is used in cooking in Mediterranean and some parts of Asia.

    1. Horehound:

      Also known as Marrubium vulgare. This is believed to be the bitter herbs of Bible. It is used to treat respiratory ailments and cough.

    1. Goldenseal:

      Also called as Hydrastis Canadensis. This is a strong bitter herb. This stimulates appetite and eliminates infections.

    1. Milk Thistle:

      Otherwise called as Silybum marianum. This was also known as sow thistle. It is an effective liver detoxifier and also an antidote.

    1. Rue:

      Also called as Ruta. It is a strong bitter herb. This is used as a sedative, a mild stomachic and, an antispasmodic.

    1. Peppermint:

      Otherwise called as Mentha piperita. This herb is used as a fragrance, medicine and, flavor. Its oil is used to allay stomach aches and nausea.

    1. Yarrow:

      Also known as Achilles millefolium. This is a mild bitter herb and is used as a remedy for cold and as an astringent.

  1. Wormwood:

    Also called as Artemisia absinthium. It is used as a tonic, an antiseptic, stomachic and, diuretic. Its strong bitter taste is used in spirits and wines.


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