Isabol Herb Can Crab Irritable Bowel Syndrome

20% of United States Adults suffer from The Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 70% of them do not seek medical treatment. It is the most common disorder reported to the doctors. Though this disorder is not life threatening, it is not curable yet. The Herb Isabol is very useful in providing relief and can crab this disorder well.


Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

  • It is first experienced the people within the age group of 15 to 40 years.
  • People suffering from this disorder have irregular bowel movements.
  • The stool is either hard or watery. The sense of relief is not complete too.
  • This disorder also causes sleeping disorders and fatigue.

The organ Colon carries out the process of excretion in humans. It makes the useful materials in the food we take, to get absorbed in the blood. The remaining waste material is converted in to stool by absorption of water. But during this process, if the Colon absorbs more water than required, the stool hardens.

How the Herb Isabol works:

  • This herb do not allow the excess absorption of water by the stool.
  • This keeps the stool remain soft and helps in easy excretion.
  • The herb absorbs the excess water and swells.
  • This swelling property makes it form a laxative gel.
  • This gel also helps in easy passage of stool.
  • The herb Isabol can be roasted with a substance called Ghee. Sugar can be added for taste while taking it.
  • The powdered form of this herb is also available.
  • A teaspoon of this powder in water twice a day is beneficial.

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