What Why and How of Swertia Chirata

This article tries to understand the What,Why and How of the Herb – Swertia Chirata.

Swertia Chirayita

What is Swertia Chirata ?

  • Swertia Chirata is an ancient Indian Herb famous for its medicinal values.
  • It is found in the Himalayan ranges of India from Kashmir to Bhutan at an altitude of 1,200-3,000 m.
  • It is also found in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya at an altitude of 1,200-1,500 m.

Why is this Herb so beneficial?

  • The herb is a bitter tonic useful in liver disorders,weak stomach,nausea,bloating and indigestion.
  • It is effective against tuberculosis and malaria and protects organs like eyes, heart and liver.
  • It is an excellent drug for skin diseases,intermittent fevers,bronchial asthma, intestinal worms,regulating the bowels , burning of the body.
  • In liquor industry, it plays the role of bitter ingredient.

Swertia Chirata

How to intake the this Herb?

  • The roots of the herb are mostly beneficial.
  • Take the roots of the dried plant.
  • Clean them and immerse them in a glass of water at night.
  • This allows the secretions of the root to dissolve in the water nicely.
  • In the morning,remove the dried roots.The water will be of yellow color.
  • Drink this water on empty stomach.

Latest Research Findings about this Herb:

  • Swertia Chirata is now considered as the potential subject to cure Diabetes.
  • In the Annual Professional Conference of Diabetes UK,held in Glasglow in March 2009,researcher announced this finding.
  • They are of the opinion that the bark of this plant will be helpful in the cure.
  • Its extracts are found to stimulate insulin production and improve its action on glucose control.

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