Herbs to Arouse Sexual Desire

Since ancient time, herbs have been used in different cultures of the world to arouse sexual feelings. Today, herbs are increasingly being used not only to add spice to sex life but also to treat various sexual dysfunctions. Different herbs can work differently inside our body to stimulate our sexual desire. While some herbs can create the right Ëśmood-by stimulating the central nervous system, other herbs can improve the function of various reproductive organs.

Herbs to Arouse Sexual Desire

Listed below are some herbs that may stimulate sexual desire:

    • Ginseng Increases Sexual Desire:

      The powerful Ginseng is considered as a natural sexual stimulant. Ginseng can tone and strengthen the overall organs and systems and promote blood circulation, thereby treating physical and mental stress and weakness. Improved blood flow to the brain and sexual organs can stimulate sperm production and rejuvenate the mind and body for sex.

    • Horny Goat Weed Enhances Sexual Desire:

      It is believed that the aphrodisiac property of horny goat weed can improve sexual performance by acting on the central nervous system. Horny goat weed is considered to boost the testosterone level because of the presence of lacariin.

    • Quebracho to Stimulate Sexual Desire:

      This famous South American herb can increase sexual desire (by treating sexual impotence) and sustained arousal in female. This might be possible because of the presence of compound, yohimbine. This can promote norepinephrine (hormone) that is considered to stimulate sexual organs and promote blood flow.

  • Bayberry to Improve Sexual Desire:

    Experts believe that bayberry may cause improved blood circulation and capillary dilation in vagina. This can help vaginal lubrication, thereby improving sexual performance.

One may want to take expert advice before taking herbs. This can help in avoiding possible side effects.

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